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NoobHangar Empty NoobHangar

Beitrag von cpt goosnen 10.06.13 12:58

NoobHangar 00710


Dornier 228
Junkers W-34


B&V p170 


NOTE:: all files are released under the terms of the public licence GNU GPL
 & !!most models are from helijah, thx to him and thanks also to G-EED D-FABR and some more!!

Light Transporters

      Dornier 228 (STOL)

NoobHangar Cce4ca02a4

228NG version (2009) and the origin 228 version (1982)

<Old-load>  24 MB  (last update: 16.11.2013)

<Download> 24 MB  (last update: 16.03.2014)

update 16.03.14:

  • reworked-Panel<<
  • Lightmenu -Dialog
  • New DLR + 2 Military Liveries (and some new interior and instru textures)

2 Versions
simple startup
FDM reworked
Sound reworked (far from finished)

to dos: (everything)
FDM finetuninges
better default Cockpit
complete NG Cockpit
5 blade NGpropeller
more rl Sound

A little relax projekt, model is from helijah! Nearly everything is in progress and not finished... i just included the ignition switshes and some stuff. they just select and deselect the fueltanks, not more (so each switsh and cutoff does handel both engines... or better sayed affect both...)! Also i set the sound and prop animations this way that it looks like a real system for that u shouldnt wonder when the engines stops running at the apron when u have done throttle to zero ;~) so.... a little throttle is in need! Both Yasims are reworked, i had alot trouble with the balance, but the NG yasim looks good for now. Help is wellcome!

The Map is from helijah, he hided it out cause its not working well. Ive converted its shape into a Bendix KMD150, if u have experience with this MFD and/or u want to help this seperate project take a look into the FG Forums. Im on the way but it will take a time do it on my own... for the moment its just a selectable wx screen.
(helijahs origin test.xml did translate a map in relation to the aircrafts position over the screen, just a simple adjust -and seperate zoomed maps- would let it working! i just try to find out how to find the right position.... the origin map is in the "...Interior/Panel/Instruments/test" folder)  

NoobHangar 6d9febee41
NG version just got a fitting yasim, the NG cockpit and 5 blade props are still to do....


      Junkers W34    (fixed gear and floats)

NoobHangar Annnrixcy

This plane had over 20 different versions, cause the manufacture was willed to do all customer requests (as far as possible). So i tryed with help from Buck, D.Faber and helijah to let it come out of the box ready to do all customer requests =~) there will come more, like a ju-46 model+FDM, but for the moment its just

a reworked panel - interior (some orig equipment and instrus are still to do) a more orig fuselage - exterior Model, and still not finished textures and designes!

develer Version 0.29 (nov.14)
<Download>  37 MB (18.11.2014)

Quickload Version
<Download>  15 MB (last update: 26.03.2014)

Update 11.20014
fixed Effects
more Sound
still under developing

current state:
several versions (engine-panel-civil-mil etc)
enough Liveries  
2 different panels(-civil&military- changes by Livery select )    <-- not included in the quickloadvers.!!
different pilots and cowlings (selectable)
external generator (selectable)

to dos:
FDM finetunings
MP tunings
orig instrus
orig Systems
floate strives
cargo models


NoobHangar 0010
With Rembrandt (still some faulty effects)

Enjoy FG anno 1920's


   racers / test vehicles


The Base is from helijah's hangar (me 209 v1).
The Me 209 helds the world speed rekord during the late 30's
but!! the Luftwaffel chefe made it into a 109 for that the 109 holds the rekord  Rolling Eyes 
its now a "bit" faster and has larger fueltanks
700kts and climps up to 50.000ft
the VX dosnt exist its performance is fully imaginary

(and a bit challenging)


My stumble into FG developing
i saw the default version in helijahs Hangar and done a what if plane out of it.
what if Hitler was killed in a Diner before the war brake out, and this plane was build to brake rekords.
Its also a tribute to Rapp Motore and the propeller at the companys Logo which has overtaken Rapp Motore
-the yasim just got the destinated max speed of 442knts (820 kmh) and more fuel.-
no more changes there! But the sound and prop animation i tryed to do as realistic as i can get...
Sound was found on another sim, and a proudly present of LAWDOG !!
it never exists - was a WWII bomber project

If u have any critics or even found failures (no grammar or xml beautiness/ but function), feel free to contact me

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NoobHangar Empty Re: NoobHangar

Beitrag von Helijah 10.06.13 20:21

I just get the W34. I'll see it quickly and do an update Smile

And by the way, hello to you Smile I'm the first one lol

Regards Emmanuel

P.S. About 209 VX I think it has its place in the "Other Designers" page of my shed if you agree Smile

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