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Beitrag von cpt goosnen am 16.11.13 0:27

-Shipyard- Paradeipe9v

Vinson Parade Scenario and 4 controlable ships

-Shipyard- Navyshipslzf0e

-Shipyard- Fgfs-screen-00431fw7-Shipyard- Fgfs-screen-013aocb5-Shipyard- Fgfs-screen-005r4ef0-Shipyard- Fgfs-screen-014qyff8


A Scenario with 10 ships "Vinson Parade" entering the Street of Gibraltar heading east
the ships are full steerable- taken from "Models/Maritime..." folder.
The SDM is from D.Fabers pt boat with some changes and improves with help from himself!
The ships authors are Alexis Bory, Vivian Meazza and Heiko Schulz.

(includes detailed readme)

Note that its more a base for the developer veterans who have more know how...
Maybe somebody can make em bombable and/or create some weapon systems!
I tryed to get the phalanx animated and i think that would be possible for my skills....
but for that it picks planes from the sky, i'll need some help from the veterans^^

to do:
get em solid for landings
Radar (maybe full Bridges)
parking etc

K130 Class Corvette

-Shipyard- F2606fj4e

-Shipyard- Fgfs-screen-124rgkct-Shipyard- Fgfs-screen-123lak31-Shipyard- Fgfs-screen-042qok5z-Shipyard- Fgfs-screen-038thkub
-Shipyard- Fgfs-screen-033l1kre-Shipyard- Fgfs-screen-03603jew-Shipyard- Fgfs-screen-035qpkw0-Shipyard- Fgfs-screen-037bgj15

More simple AI model, steerable as the ships above. Detailed texture and some light animations,
landdeck is illuminated for the ai model also (demands on sun angle)

::Model/FDM: D.Faber
::Antenns+Radar-Model: A.Bory
::combined: T.Henkel
cpt goosnen
cpt goosnen

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